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Our Mission

The technology and decisions underlying our revenue cycle processes are outdated and redundant. They are expensive to run, not integrated, unreliable, heavily labor dependent and so out dated that healthcare organizations never drive the value they deserve. Etyon is changing all this. With a expert team in cloud integration, decision sciences, machine learning, and healthcare finance, we are creating the revenue cycle of the future.

Why Etyon Knowledge Platform?

We Support Enterprise Agendas

Our Knowledge Platform enables those involved in the revenue cycle continuum, including operations, financial reporting, contracting, and marketing to improve financial performance and increase the efficiency of healthcare finance. 

Chief Executive Officer

Build alignment between Population Finance objectives and Population Health strategies.

Chief Financial Officer

Drive a value based revenue cycle operating model through better automation and spend alignment.

Chief Experience Officer

Create tailored consumer group experiences across a spectrum of patient populations.

Chief Technology Officer

Enhance system and information interoperability to drive more efficient workflows and insights.

Everything You Need For A Knowledge Ecosystem

The Etyon Knowledge Platform gives healthcare leaders an unprecedented understanding of revenue cycle information and accelerates their ability to make, share and scale automated decisions, faster, and more cost effectively. 

Data Optimization

Infrastructure and logic for integrating, normalizing, and enriching data of any kind, from any source, at scale.

Population Management

Value based management practices drive greater revenue realization, aligned spend and enhanced satisfaction.

Decision Automation

Automated computer algorithms  designed to make systems and people more efficient at their work.

Consumer Engagement

A focused approach to maximize unique consumer relationships and drive increased customer bonding.

Healthcare Intelligence

A platform that allows you to continually create, analyze, and deliver your  knowledge across the enterprise.

Insights & Education

Performance insights geared towards you and your consumers. Built on vast amounts of your own data.

Our Products & Services

You might already have the data & tools you need to get going. Utilize our Knowledge Platform's products and services to help access it, understand it, and deploy it instantly.

Elastic Data Warehousing

Our services include rapid deployment of a integrated warehouse within 90 days, the ability to manage large scale single data stores and provide scalable processing .

Integration & Enrichment

We normalize small and large datasets for enterprise analysis, provide flexible connectivity options, enrich with 3rd party data and provide 24/7 code maintenance and error detection.

Data Eco-system Development

Our data solutions efficiently link multiple data sources or we can build your own specialized data set with stakeholder defined customizations including multi-agenda value delivery.

Population Engines

Segment and workflow  your patients into like-financial behavior groups to understand loyalty, quality, payment risk and lifetime value as well as recognize how each population contributes to your organization’s operational and financial goals.

Operational Engines

Understand insurance and consumer financial risk while automatically determining the value of working a particular account, or determine accounts that are best fit for outsourcing, sale, or write off.

Marketing Engines

Design marketing and outreach programs around a deeper understanding of your populations by identify payers and plans who bring the most value to your organization and where you can improve relationships.
Etyon Healthcare Analytic solutions help providers gain deep insights into patient and payer financial portfolios to effectively management payments, align spend infrastructure, improve denials, and minimize lost revenue opportunities.

Multi-Use Capabilities

Services for data analytics from data processing through visualization, for developers, IT professionals and business users.

Why Etyon Healthcare Analytics?

Our users stream advanced visualizations of leading indicators; delivering insights into the root causes that hide in today’s standard performance reports. It also features advanced ad-hoc visual querying, actionable alerts, collaboration, dynamic geographic mapping, learning management tools, and more.
Etyon delivers sophisticated financial pathways to help providers maximize their spend alignment, improve operational accountability, enhance consumer engagement, and most importantly – build better brand loyalty with patient populations.

What are Financial Pathways?

Revenue Cycle Financial Pathways are documented approaches in managing and resolving inefficiencies among particular populations that healthcare providers want to distinctly manage. Moving away from standard payer-based methodologies and generalized best practices, Financial Pathways provide an opportunity to customize a provider’s approach from the Front Office to the Back Office.  This customization applies to operational workflows, spanning from scheduling to balance resolution, data management, measurement of financial performance, scripting, consumer engagement strategies, and more.

Hardwiring Methods

Resources & Guides

To ensure appropriate spend alignment
To train staff on engaging consumers
To measure performance goals and objectives

 Worklist & Workflow

To predict financial risks before they happen
To proactively manage population financial health
To ensure appropriate stop-gates


Uncover and prioritize clinical market opportunities for new or existing products and ensure expert revenue cycle personnel match these demands.

Marketing Effectivness

Identifying market penetration for specific products and services and their effects on reimbursement and payment growth.

Workflow Segmentation

Pinpoint your most valuable consumer segments and align revenue cycle operational spend to match  contribution margin and tailor engagement strategies.

Financial Engagement

Deliver customer insights that can be applied across your entire business to better understand, find and drive greater payments from your customers.

Analysis & Insights Service

If you don't have the necessary resources to sort through our data you already have, don't let it go unused. We provide Insights-as-a-Service for our clients and perform complex analytics, that link to  conclusions derived to a specific action or set of actions to improve revenue cycle performance. Put simply, we do your analysis and generate insights that lead to impactful actions that drive significant financial value.

Education & Training Service

Sometimes good communication and training with your revenue cycle staff is all it takes to keep them engaged and committed to providing and delivering the best financial service. Whether you’re trying to build multi-disciplinary staff or educated new ones on revenue cycle techniques, we help you stay a step ahead through quality revenue cycle education and development.

Plug and Play Delivery Capabilities

We are not your typical technology and services company.  We provide a platform of easy-to-use capabilities that are designed to lower your infrastructure costs, increase operational value and tailor consumer experiences by make your existing systems, workflows and people smarter.

Dynamic Integration

Forget multiple excel sheets or adhoc databases, we make connecting, linking and sharing your data easy and understandable.

System Interoperability

Let us put your information to work, in the systems you already have and love. Don't replace them, just make them smarter.

Smart Automation

Leverage claim level decision information integrated in systems you already have or deployed via, multi-use files  like CSV, XML, Excel or other formats, existing visualization systems or in our own Healthcare Analytics platform.

Pathways & Workflows

Customized, population specific financial pathways help providers maximize their spend alignment, improve operational accountability, enhance consumer engagement, and most importantly – build better brand loyalty with patient populations.

HIPAA - grade security

We use state of the art security to properly safeguard the technical, physical, and administrative components of your data and meet and exceed all privacy standards and vehemently protect PHI both stored and utilized.

Personalized, expert advice!

Whether it's tailored insights, a revenue cycle evaluation, or population strategies; our revenue cycle experts, decision science professionals, and technology support team can help. The people behind our company make all the difference. 

Insights & Education

Our powerful remote data analysis capabilities are performed by our expert revenue cycle advisors at a fraction of the cost of typical consulting services.

Managed Services

We examine and implement standardized, value driven methodologies to organizational processes including all front, middle and back-office revenue cycle operations.

Key Platform Benefits

Our Knowledge Platform allows you to transform your organization by blending human effort and machine decisions to produce greater operational value across platforms, processes and populations.


Gain holistic insights of your revenue cycle by unifying your data across platforms and systems.
Get predictable, automatic identification of hidden or fast and slow moving insurance and consumer financial risks that analysts and systems can't.
Leverage our algorithms to automatically learn, monitor and review your operations daily, weekly or monthly for yield opportunities.
Easily integrate and analyze decisions in visualization systems you've already invested in, without the need for complex business intelligence.


Drive smarter workflow automation in core systems without the need for costly 3rd party bolt-on infrastructures.
Match workflow cost structures to population value contribution and levels of identified risk.
Maximize your margin by keeping your most valuable claim segments in-house, while letting our algorithms figure out what to do with the rest.
Align operational accountability and financial measurement models to specific population segments and population health strategies.


Build and deploy tailored workflows designed to match the unique needs of key population groups.
Understand consumer financial risk and related engagement strategies without the need to pay for expensive 3rd party transactional data.
Drive targeted marketing strategies to increase consumer bonding.
Our Platform makes it easier to identify, manage and interoperate data and operational processes

Compelling Business Case

We use a lot of data to generate over $225 million in payment and balance sheet value. Our clients typically see an average ROI of 8x!
Transforming your revenue cycle with Etyon is as easy as starting a conversation. Whether it's data integration, decision automation, population finance strategies or analysis; our solutions, revenue cycle experts, decision science professionals, and technology support team can help. We will build a free Financial Profile for you to start our discussion!

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