EXPERT REVENUE CYCLE support services

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We ensure customer success every step of the way, making sure you obtain the revenue cycle outcomes you are looking for.

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Analytics Optimization

We help you build expertly crafted user stories, leveraging our insights embedded in either your internal analytical tools or platforms like Tableau, Qlik and PowerBI.

Process & Workflow Rule Augmentation

Since our AI doesn't have an interface, we work with you to embed our insights in workflow tools you might already have, to enable, augment and optimize business rules and logic.

Claim Auditing Services

Sometimes manual claim auditing is what you needed. We audit and ensure every claim is worked appropriately each and every time by staff and the appropriate controls are in place to prevent future backsliding.

Customer Service

Get an unparalleled support. We help your revenue cycle teams every step of the way — from data acquisition to monthly insight delivery to ongoing daily workflow support.

Managed Services

Don't have the team necessary to manage your analysis internally? We'll extend the capabilities of your teams, delivering process optimization, performance monitoring and analysis services, all remotely from our shared service center.

Solution Design & Consulting

Sometimes you might just want help creating your own revenue cycle solutions. Our revenue cycle domain expertise enables us to drive rapid prototyping, solution design, go-to-market strategies and more.